Copyright and Licence info

Useful Copyright and Licence Information

It is important for both the photographer and client to know that the photographer has exclusive rights to his/her photographs/digital media from the moment the image is processed the camera.
The license is an agreement between the photographer and the client as to the usage rights that have been granted for a given project. It might help if you think of the license as a lease and the usage rights as the terms of that contract. When images are given to a client, the images are not sold; they are leased. The client pays for the photographers time to create the vision, and that is what the creative fee covers. However, because each customer is so unique and has such varying demands for the photographer’s images, we can’t possibly rely on a fixed rate creative fee to cover all these variable possibilities. Issuing clients a license allows for the “Rental” of the images for their specific needs.

Bellow is a necessary explanation of photography licenses. On each license, the photographer would set the parameters of how the media is used.

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COMMERCIAL photography is used to sell or promote a product, service, or idea. Advertising, marketing, and promotional activities all fall into this category.

RETAIL photography is commissioned or purchased for the client’s personal use (e.g., wedding photography, senior portraits, pet photography, fine art, etc.). Licensing issues do not arise as often in this category. While the photographer retains the copyright, the client’s fee may include a grant of reproduction and digital social media display rights.

EDITORIAL photography is used primarily for journalistic or educational purposes. Images featuring people and things not licensed for commercial use can be used in newspapers, magazines (print and online), as well as textbooks and educational blogs.